Roseacea Treatment:* $55.00

Finally… A solution to this serious skin condition. This alleviating treatment brings visual relief and results to dilated capillaries, blotchiness and irritability by delivering highly comforting and healing ingredients. Skin is fully decongested, soothed and hydrated. This treatment should be done once a week for (6) weeks.

Lightening Treatment:* $55.00

This treatment works on eliminating the reason of having a hyperpigmentation. Dark brown patches will look faded and light brown patches will fade away. This treatment should be done once a week for (6) weeks.

Chemical Peel Exfoliation:* $40.00

This professional treatment accelerates the removal of dead cells on the outer layers of the skin, rendering the skin soft and smooth. Useful to help any skin with the following: age spots, acne prone, clogging and wrinkles, should be done once or twice weekly for a total series of (6) in three weeks.


*This treatment should be done once a week for (6) weeks, Consultation Necessary prior to treatment.


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Plantomer Treatment: $85.00

A specialty salon treatment that is soothing, healing, strengthening and deeply hydrating to the skin. A cooling soft, lift-off mask with rubber consistency forms an occlusive bond to hold treatment products to the skin.

The skin feels tight, refreshed, vital and healthy with an exceptional glow.

Recommended for all skin types, especially sensitive with blood circulation problems.

Aromatherapy Treatment: $90.00

This treatment utilizes the powerful properties of pure essential oils and anti-oxidant ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin by a self heating, hardening lift off mask. As the mask warms, the aromas are released inducing a deep sense of relaxation.~ As the mask cooks, the skin is tightened leaving the skin looking vibrant. This treatment is excellent for skin types that are mature, sun damaged, and/ or devitalized.

Luminous “C” and Sea: $90.00

The benefits of topical Vitamin C are revolutionary skin care. This professional strength Vitamin C product with the addition of nutrients from the “sea” is held occlusively to the skin with a cooling rubberizing mask. This nourishing, firming treatment counteracts damaging effects of the sun, tanning, and the environment and restores a youthful appearance. A visible astonishing result that has no other name but “Luminous”.

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